Thursday 14 April 2011

Ascension "The Steep Bit" Malbec, 2006, Matakana

Deep red in colour, this wine from one of my favourite vineyards, has a light cedar nose. To taste, it is very flat, very short and initial thoughts are that it is actually a bit past bit. In terms of flavour it tasted like prunes. As it aired it tasted progressively worse. Not a good experience.

Thursday 7 April 2011

Chapel Hill "il Vescovo" Sangiovese Cabernet, 2004, McLaren Vale

With a beautiful deep rich cherry and plum nose, this deep red wine from Chapel Hill Winery is super smooth and divine to taste. The cherry and plum flavours are full and there is a long finish. While some red wines can feel a little flat, this wine has a lovely level of vibrancy that keeps inviting me back for another taste. There is only a hint of acid and the wine is currently superb to drink.