Sunday 27 April 2008

Trentham Estate 2004 Petit Verdot

I am currently enjoying a lovely wine, with lots of body, very fruit filled, a long finish, and overall a well balanced wine. The wine is a Trentham Estate 2004 Petit Verdot from New South Wales, Australia. It is sweeter than many reds and has no hint of tannins. It's not overly complex but is a nice wine to either partner with food or drink on its own, and from recollection was pretty good value for money.

Petit Verdot is not a grape variety I am very used to, but I thoroughly recommend it.

This is great to drink now and I expect will be fine for many years to come (Yay!, I have one more in the cellar).

Truffle & Brulee

I think its about time I posted pics of our beautiful laperm puddy cats.

Introducing - Brulee and Truffle. Brulee - sleeping as usual. The current favourite spot is on his sheepskin rug, but give it a week or so and he'll find a new favourite. Truffle, just looking beautiful, which is what he's very very good at.
Sometimes we find it hard to believe they are brothers. They are so very different in personality, temperament, physique (Truffle is very trim), intelligence (Truffle is very smart), agility (Truffle is very acrobatic (poor Brulee), disruptiveness (Brulee (!) is very considerate). But indeed, they are brothers, and they play-fight like brothers (I think Truffle is responsible for the scratch you can see on Brulee's nose here). And we completely dote on them. They are seriously spoilt cats. But they give us a lot of love, a lot of company and a huge amount of pleasure.

Saturday 26 April 2008

For Olivia, Alexia & Danielle

Simon has 3 beautiful little nieces and I was thinking of them when I took these photos of Simon at a friend's house a few weeks ago. Its true, boys never do quite grow up. :-)

So girls, Uncle Simon is now quite familiar with Postman Pat, the policeman whose name I can never remember and of course the black and white cat!

Monday 21 April 2008


We went to one of my high-school friend's 10th Wedding Anniversary celebration on Saturday. My goodness, 10 years.

Had a huge amount of fun, great to catch up with people, although a little scarey with quite so many children running, crawling and generally being everywhere!

So this is really quick for now (it's 1o to midnight and I really ought to be asleep - I was a grumpy toad at work today and promised to made efforts to not be so hideous tomorrow - so sleep is imperative!).

Just a taste of pics to come... (actually this is just a bit of fun!)

Sunday 6 April 2008

Summer Sun

Technically it's not actually summer any more, but no one bothered to tell the weather today. It was absolutely gorgeous.

After a very late rising today (made respectable only by the fact that our clocks went back an hour at 2am this morning), we decided a picnic was in order and headed to Rocket Kitchen to purchase a suitable spread. Yeah, I know, lazy way to do a picnic, but really, it was a very late rising!

We headed down to Point Chevalier, picked a suitable spot and indulged in orzo salad with Moroccon Chicken (Simon) and Chicken Mignon (me). Yes, yes, I know, hardly a picnic, but it was outdoors already!

At the perfect moment, who should happen along, but Mr Whippy. After being a little intimidated by the hordes of delighted, screaming children swarming towards the van, Simon took a deep breathe and ventured in to the queue (knowing said children all had to convince their parents to give them money first anyway).

Delight. Devour. Disgruntled. Digesting.

Simon seems to have issues with ice-cream. :) But he got there in the end.

Chocolate Fondue

Friends invited us around last weekend for a celebratory dessert and sticky wine and to bestow wonderful birthday treats upon me. With impeccable timing, a package had arrived at their home from France and Simon and I were fortunate enough to share the spoils!

The Fondue was as rich, thick and delicious as it appeared (and deceptively more alcoholic than it appeared!) and the fruit and marshmallows luscious and completely irresistible. Divine and highly recommended! (Oh - needless to say the fruit was locally purchased, not shipped from France!)