Tuesday 11 December 2012

Ascension Epiphany Matakana Pressings 2002

Having been in the bottle for 10 years, we decided it was time to open the Ascension Epiphany Matakana Pressings 2002. I am always hesitant opening these bottles, not knowing whether I've left them too long, not long enough, or it's just right, and I'm happy to say it's drinking beautifully now. Whilst there was a little sediment, the structure of this wine is still very solid.

This is the flagship wine from Ascension that they have only produced in '02 and '05. This is a Merlot dominant Bordeaux blend that has light leather and plum characteristics to the nose. Deep red, full of strong plum flavour, very smooth, full bodied, light tannins, no unpleasantness, medium tail, quite divine. This is one of the best wines I have had in a while.