Monday 24 November 2008

Seifried Pinot Noir 2004 Review

I am sitting at home on a rainy day and decided that a Pinot Noir was required to accompany the duck we are having this evening for dinner. I orginally was looking for a Central Otago Pinot, but decided to go with a Nelson Pinot Noir instead.

The 2004 Seifried Pinot Noir is a very smooth wine, drinking well now. It is a very pale red colour, with sweet cherry to the nose. Light tannins, but not overpowering. Nice and warming for a dull rainy day and the flavour is not as sweet as the smell. A little empty at the front of the palette, very thin, with not a very long mouth feel. A hint of green capisicum to taste.

I think it is a nice drop I could easily drink, but the short thin pallete is not screaming out to me that I should have this again in a hurry. Jane doesn't think much of it at all and said that if it was a pricier Pinot Noir she would be disappointed (she was tasting it blind and formed this opinion). She feels that it's filmy coating will leave a flavour in her mouth she doesn't like from some Pinot Noir's .

Sunday 2 November 2008

Glorious Spring Day, Brick Bay

It was the most splendid day today, glorious blue skys and soft looking fluffy white clouds! We took the opportunity to visit Brick Bay vineyard and Sculpture Trail. What a fabulous place! For starters, it is always a pleasure driving up North, getting away from Auckland and into the midst of lush green fields and kiwi bush. Brick Bay

Brick Bay itself is a beautiful, peaceful destination and beats nature trails in that you're not just walking for the sake of it and with a single goal of getting to the end.

Rather, you have little spots of interest all along the way and the need to keep you wits about you to spot (or in one instance, hear) the various installments. We enjoyed their Vineyard Platter for a very late lunch at about 3pm. How unlike us!