Saturday 8 September 2012

Driving Creek Cafe, Coromandel

Located very close to the Driving Creek Railway in the Coromandel township, the Driving Creek Cafe looks rustic from the outside and delivers superb organic food, smoothies and juices in a relaxed environment.

We had a couple of meals here with friends over a two day period.

On our first visit, I thoroughly enjoyed the button mushrooms with a blue cheese creamy sauce. I accompanied this with a berry fruit smoothie that was full of flavour.

2012-08-25 11.28.58_002

Jane had the poached eggs on rye with spinach and avocado that she enjoyed. Her eggs were slightly overcooked.

For my second visit I enjoyed the pancakes that were accompanied by berries, mango and a jug of maple syrup.

2012-08-26 15.02.20_001Jane enjoyed the lentil and pumpkin soup.

2012-08-26 15.01.50_003

We would very happily return.