Tuesday 28 November 2006

Is beginning to blog like learning to appreciate wine?

Having never blogged before, I was sitting staring at the screen thinking what I should write. I have a vague recollection of writing in a diary a couple of times many years ago when I did some travelling (at the insistence of my mother), but don't think I've written down anything that even resembled a diary since then. And now there seems to be a mad craze for people to publish their thoughts and share content publicly.

The read/write web concept embodied in Web 2.0 is quite a different paradigm to how people have traditionally shared information. With Web-based communities such as Blogs, Wikis and Photo/Video sharing sites becoming mainstream, collaborative content sharing communities have come to life.

Like learning to appreciate the characteristics embodied in a glass of wine takes a lot of "practice", I think my blogging endeavours and getting my head better into the Web-based communities mindset may too require some practice (maybe with a glass of the aforementioned wine in hand).

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