Thursday 15 November 2007

Summer, Salsa, Sausages

I am so delighted that we've finally been blessed with a stretch of BBQ weather. What a joy! I don't think I've lit any of the gas hobs for weeks! The BBQ is seeing so much action, even the weta's haven't found time to rest on it for once!

I've been enjoying making delicious fresh salsas of late. Mostly tomato, coriander (which I used to hate and now adore), wine vinegar, olive oil, chillis and seasoning. Last night I removed the chillis from the mix as Simon had doused the potatoes in chilli before introducing them to the bbq, and then added avocado and switched Lemon juice for my usual wine vinegar. Oh my word, how delicious, and beautiful to boot! (No photos sorry).

Asparagus grilled directly on the bbq is another of my favourites at the moment. So easy and so tasty. Of course, in my opinion its not often that asparagus isn't tasty.

Back to coriander for a moment - I am indebted to the Hay Hay it's Donna Day bloggers for introducing me to the Donna Hay magazine. I have recently started purchasing this and was excited to find her simple (embarrasingly simple - one of those 'now why didn't I know that' moments) instructions for storing fresh herbs. I love having herbs growing in the kitchen, but invariably coriander, whether growing or picked, wilts and yellows on me within a couple of days of buying it. So this time I followed the Donna Hay instructions - wrapped it in a damp paper towel, sealed it back on its tray in glad wrap, and proceeded to use one bunch of coriander for over a week and a half - when it was still succulently green and crisp and delicious. And now I've run out. Argh!


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