Tuesday 11 March 2008

Random Update

(Cliche warning...) a picture is worth a thousand words and this random update is brought to you (mostly) by the following picture (once again, apologies, taken on my tragic phone camera and then enhanced (badly due to my lack of patience) with IrfanView)

Exhibit A - divinely delicious fruits back in season! Wehoo! Passionfruit and Feijoas. I'm truly in heaven!

Exhibit B - plastic cup half filled with water - I made myself the most wonderful salad of coriander, basil, cos, rocket, carrot, spring onion, brocolli sprouts, cherry tomatoes, shredded chicken and dressed with fish sauce, lime juice, chilli and wine vinegar for lunch at work today. Unfortunately when I steamed the chicken in the microwave, it superheated (as it is wont to do of course) but I most unskillfully removed the cling-wrap in such a way that I have acquired a very painful, very distracting steam burn on my index and middle fingers on my right hand. The cup of water - for dunking my fingers in when the pain gets beyond bearable. :( I've taken a couple of nurofen+ which I have to say, does seem to be helping.

Exhibit C - mouse - I'm at work. And should be working. But pain and ibuprofen and codeine are making that rather difficult. Blathering about a photograph is so much easier than engaging my brain at this point.

Exhibit D - tiny little square of black plastic in the back left quadrant of the photo - this detached itself from my wonderful noise cancelling headphones the other day. I have no idea how. I took them off my head and said plastic blitty bit fell on my keyboard. It's broken, not just fallen off. Ah well, it was cosmetic only fortunately.

Exhibit E - DVD-R stack - I have the tedious task of creating backup copies of a library of 8 DVDs. Tedium. I've started delegating this task to my team after getting really bored with it. :)

Exhibit F - not pictured! Dear friends have announced the anticipated arrival of their first born! (ok, not until much later in the year, but still anticipated!) I know they're telling people (because they told me yesterday) but I don't know if they're telling 'everyone' so shan't say who for now. But wehoo - and yes my friend, you have indeed mentioned recently that you are going to be a dad soon. :) Congratulations to you both! Simon and I are getting very good at Aunty and Uncle duties btw.

Blathering off.

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