Monday 24 November 2008

Seifried Pinot Noir 2004 Review

I am sitting at home on a rainy day and decided that a Pinot Noir was required to accompany the duck we are having this evening for dinner. I orginally was looking for a Central Otago Pinot, but decided to go with a Nelson Pinot Noir instead.

The 2004 Seifried Pinot Noir is a very smooth wine, drinking well now. It is a very pale red colour, with sweet cherry to the nose. Light tannins, but not overpowering. Nice and warming for a dull rainy day and the flavour is not as sweet as the smell. A little empty at the front of the palette, very thin, with not a very long mouth feel. A hint of green capisicum to taste.

I think it is a nice drop I could easily drink, but the short thin pallete is not screaming out to me that I should have this again in a hurry. Jane doesn't think much of it at all and said that if it was a pricier Pinot Noir she would be disappointed (she was tasting it blind and formed this opinion). She feels that it's filmy coating will leave a flavour in her mouth she doesn't like from some Pinot Noir's .

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