Sunday 26 July 2009

Always great service - the Homestore

This is a shout out to The Homestore, because they are consistently awesome.

We regularly shop at The Homestore, especially when we're buying engagement or wedding gifts, or on the rare occaision that we actually need something for our kitchen. (as I told one of the staff there today - Simon has this odd expectation that you can only buy stuff if you NEED it. She responded that he's not very well trained. ;-)

Whenever we visit The Homestore, we are consistently greeted with a warm and familiar (and often cheeky) welcome, we are well looked after, we have fun shopping and it goes without saying that they always have a fabulous product. They also leave us with the confidence that if we do have a problem with something we've bought, it won't be a problem to sort it out. Even years later. They usually even remember things we bought from them, yes, even from years earlier.

We always leave feeling, frankly, special, and we pretty much always rave about them for at least 5 minutes after leaving the shop.

Now THAT is great marketing. They are guaranteed to get our continued custom, not to mention all the free word-of-mouth marketing.

Thanks for being awesome, and we look forward to visiting you again soon!


  1. are they the ones that featured on that show where the mad butcher gave advice to businesses? i think they were - interesting show that was :)

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