Tuesday 13 July 2010

Philippe's Chocolate & French Pastries (Auckland) have some decadent products

To our delight we discovered Philippe's Chocolate & French Pastries over the weekend.  We went to their store in Great North Road where they had a number of tasty delights that were begging for us to try.

We bought several cakes and a selection of chocolates and enjoyed them all (except for the chilli chocolate but I suspect we may have had a dud batch of them). The chocolates were flavoursome and they had a few different flavours (such as Earl Grey and Mint & Rosemary that were good for the novelty factor).

In terms of the cakes, the Maharaja was a silky smooth subtle white chocolate delectable finished with a dusting of chocolate powder. This was topped with a white chocolate cigar encased within a russian scroll.

The pear tartlet was packed with flavour and beautifully finished with almonds and a light glaze. We also accompanied this with a praline slice.

As for their packaging it is in alignment with their cost.

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