Wednesday 9 February 2011

Donna Hay the Miracle Maker - Brussels Sprouts were YUMMY!

We are a household that categorically does not like brussels sprouts.  Both on principle, and on taste.  However occasionally we meet a brussels sprout (tried to shorten it to BS but realised that was just a little inappropriate!) that we actually enjoy. Tonight was one of those occasions and all credit is due to my favourite recipe author - Donna Hay.

Her December/January magazine has a host of divine looking trifle recipes that I'm itching to try, along with the Red Velvet Layer cake, but tonight it was Brussels Sprouts. (I expect you're asking why we actually buy them if we don't like them.  I'm not sure really.  Call me an optimist.  And we try to eat a variety of veges to keep things interesting).

The recipe is on page 148 and is appropriately titled "Brussels sprouts with lemon, garlic and almonds".  Seriously - if you're not a sprouts fan, give this one a go, they are really really really yummy and I will be intentionally buying them again to make this recipe. Oh, and as a bonus, the recipe instructions are a mere 4 lines long.

Thanks Donna!

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