Tuesday 27 December 2011

Makara Beach, Wellington

I can’t recall having ever been to Makara Beach before and we chose a magnificent day to go and check it out. We headed to Makara Beach via Karori and arrived to a very rocky beach basking in the sunlight and no wind. Apparently it can be very cold and windy here.


We headed along the coastal path


to some beautifully clear water and rock pools where a few people were swimming, although they were mostly in wetsuits. The flat island in the background is Mana.


An old building and equipment were to be found further around on the path.


Jane took the lead through the wild flowers


and further along the path.


After a bit of rock hopping, the South Island could be seen in the distance.


We then decided to head back

P1020228_026and captured a few pictures of the nearby wind farm along the way.


It was an enjoyable (albeit hot) walk on a lovely day, with very few people around.


I am keen to head back when there is a big storm some time.

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