Sunday 1 April 2012

GPK, Takapuna

We felt like pizza for lunch so decided to give GPK in Takapuna a go. It is one of those places we have been past many times but never gone in.

There were only two other tables occupied when we arrived and about the same when we left. We started with a coffee and mocha. My trim latte was good and I assume Jane enjoyed her mocha.

I had the Muscovy pizza which consisted of wood fired duck, red onion, roast kumara, Kikorangi blue, rosemary oil & rocket & pear salad. The thin base of the pizza was lovely and nice fresh ingredients were used for the toppings. I did however expect the blue cheese to be quite strong but it was almost non-existent, and the duck was lovely although I thought it was a bit sparse.


Jane had the Mediterranean pizza which was supposed to have seared octopus & calamari, roasted eggplant, anchovies, olives, wood-fired shallots, garlic & tomato, lemon & parsley oil; the anchovies were however nowhere to be seen. Jane found it to be okay, but found the octopus and calamari to be a little tough at times and was really looking forward to the anchovies.


We kept an eye out for a waiter to ask about the anchovies and get our water refilled but this did not prove to be successful. Even 15 minutes after we had both completed our meals nobody came by.

When we went to the counter to pay we mentioned the lack of anchovies, for which we did receive an apology for and they deducted our coffees (which was a nice touch). We also suggested that they should pay more attention to filling up water which he took on board.

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