Sunday 19 August 2012

The Hardware Cafe, Titirangi

Brunch this morning was at The Hardware Cafe in Titirangi.

2012-08-19 11.12.21_011

This is one of those cafe that serve a latte in a bowl by default, as I found out. I really prefer the additional boost of caffeine I feel when there is less milk, oh well I now know for next time. The coffee itself was however nice.

I had the Gluten Free Kumara Rosti with spinach, grilled tomato, poached egg and hollandaise. I didn’t enjoy the flavour of the rosti but did enjoy the rest of the dish, each of the other components was nicely done. I particularly enjoyed the hollandaise although the presentation could have been better.

The service was friendly, the food arrived in a timely manner and the cafe had a nice vibe.

I would go back, but would steer away from the rosti next time and try and remember to order latte in a glass.

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