Tuesday 23 October 2012

Samoa Day 5: Back to Apia from Lalomanu (via the To Sua Ocean Trench)

There was a big downpour of rain in the morning as we left Lalomanu and started our drive back towards Apia. We decided to abandon going swimming at the beach and went to To Sua Ocean Trench instead (Tala$15 each). There are beautiful grounds here and the trench itself is magnificent. It does however seem a bit out of place in such beautiful gardens where people were going around picking up the leaves. Chris and Wendy climbed down the ladder to swim below. I got to the top of the ladder and decided that I’d prefer to stay at the top and take photos.P1030154_160

P1030166_172It was a nice drive back to Apia, a large amount along the coast. Our air conditioning was a bit better than the local transport.P1030167_173

For lunch we had a nice meal at Scalini’s (just down the road from our hotel),P1030169_175P1030170_176

and managed to time it perfectly leaving with a huge downpour just stopping as we walked outside.P1030172_178

At dinner time Jane & I weren’t feeling the best but I went out with Chris and Wendy anyway to Italiano Pizza Bar. After ordering we sat down outside and I took a turn for the worse and started sweating and getting tingles in my fingers. The waitress knew exactly what to do, diagnosed it as Sun Stroke and then proceeded to give me a head and neck massage, which also included a bang on the top of the head (like a coconut) and then rubbing tea leaves in my hair. It worked! I didn’t feel like eating much of my pizza but what I did have was excellent. It was a nice base and flavoursome. I subsequently drank _lots_ of water.

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  1. I'll have to remember the bang on top of head and tea leaf trick! Wow :-)