Monday 23 June 2014

Several small tracks in the Waitakere Ranges

I knocked off some small tracks in the Waitakere Ranges today:

  • Opanuku Pipeline Track - This was mainly a stone path and not the most exciting of tracks but it got more exciting near the top with decent mud pools to negotiate. The tunnel was the highlight.
  • Sharp Bush Track - This was a nice sedate wander through the bush with a smidgen of mud with a river crossing at the end (that I decided to do for completeness). Lots of beautiful kauri.
  • Walter Kauri - closed
  • Spragg Bush Walk - This was a dentle wander through the bush. It was flat for a decent proportion. One huge kauri on the walk. Takes a while to walk to each of the exits.
  • Goodfellow track - Lots of steps. Nice view looking back to Auckland. Pretty walk.
  • Large Kauri Track - 2 min return. Nice kauri.

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