Thursday 4 January 2007

briefly - Melbourne! (and surrounds)

Again - we haven't fallen off the face of the planet! Just a little bit out of reach of cyber space.

We're currently in Melbourne, and have been in Victoria for the last week. And having a fabulous time! And yes, we have some fabulous restaurants to blog, including:

Portofino on Bank - Port Fairy (OMG what a divine meal!!!)
Knife Fork Bottle & Cork - Melbourne
Queen Victoria Markets - Melbourne
Essense - Docklands, Melbourne
Spaghetteta - Lygon St. Melbourne
Colonial Tramcar Restaurant - Melbourne (going there tonight)
Sumo Salad - a franchise, but brilliant concept!
Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man - Melbourne
Ooh - nearly forgot - Beechworth Bakery (!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!) - Healesville
Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary - Healesville

Some of them will probably only get a couple of lines mention, and not right now - still too much to see and do!

We were at the QV Markets this morning - what a splendid place! We made a point of getting up early (really early) and were there before 7:30am. They're predicting 34 Degrees today, so I'm planning on spending 11-3 out of the sun if at all possible. I'm amazed that the markets have been there for 128 years! That's incredible! And honestly, the quality and variety of products available is just fantastic - I don't know why anyone living in Melbourne would ever visit a traditional supermarket for their food shopping! Very cool.

The other thing that has been incredibly conspicuous (and pleasantly so) is how friendly everyone is. And I'm not just talking about the hotel and restaurant staff who are paid to be nice (not that that's ever a guarantee they will be), but even people on the street. Everyone has time to say hi, they offer help if you look like you need it, everyone has a warm smile and a genuinely friendly hello. Amazing - it's been really really nice.

Well, time is ticking on my internet access so time to sign off for now. Will be back soon with updates on the fabulous things we've seen, done and eaten and drunk.

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