Tuesday 19 December 2006

Revel - K Road

Against my usual mis-givings, Simon convinced me to try somewhere different for brunch on Sunday. And, joy of joys, it was GOOD! Yay!

Revel on K road was the destination, and admittedly, we didn't order cooked breakfasts, so we're possibly not comparing apples with apples, but it was certainly excellent enough to warrant a return visit! Wehoo!

I had a long black - which was deliciously strong, without being burnt, and didn't require even a hint of sugar. Simon's Latte looked delicious. I also had a berry smoothie. OMG!!!!! Seriously - BEST smoothie ever! Extremely thick - in fact I was given both a straw and a spoon - and definitely needed the spoon!

Simon had the fresh fruit with berries and yoghurt - this was an artfully presented cacophony of fresh fruits and berries, and the yoghurt nicely finished with a swirl of honey.

I ordered a bagel with Tomato and Avocado which also came with what I think was cream cheese, but its texture wasn't quite as smooth and it had a more cheesey flavour than cc. It was delicious!

The staff were all friendly and relaxed, and the service was really quick. The decor and ambiance is very funky, a bit alternative, relaxingly laid back.

Overall - we WILL be back. :)

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