Sunday 27 April 2008

Truffle & Brulee

I think its about time I posted pics of our beautiful laperm puddy cats.

Introducing - Brulee and Truffle. Brulee - sleeping as usual. The current favourite spot is on his sheepskin rug, but give it a week or so and he'll find a new favourite. Truffle, just looking beautiful, which is what he's very very good at.
Sometimes we find it hard to believe they are brothers. They are so very different in personality, temperament, physique (Truffle is very trim), intelligence (Truffle is very smart), agility (Truffle is very acrobatic (poor Brulee), disruptiveness (Brulee (!) is very considerate). But indeed, they are brothers, and they play-fight like brothers (I think Truffle is responsible for the scratch you can see on Brulee's nose here). And we completely dote on them. They are seriously spoilt cats. But they give us a lot of love, a lot of company and a huge amount of pleasure.

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