Sunday 6 April 2008

Summer Sun

Technically it's not actually summer any more, but no one bothered to tell the weather today. It was absolutely gorgeous.

After a very late rising today (made respectable only by the fact that our clocks went back an hour at 2am this morning), we decided a picnic was in order and headed to Rocket Kitchen to purchase a suitable spread. Yeah, I know, lazy way to do a picnic, but really, it was a very late rising!

We headed down to Point Chevalier, picked a suitable spot and indulged in orzo salad with Moroccon Chicken (Simon) and Chicken Mignon (me). Yes, yes, I know, hardly a picnic, but it was outdoors already!

At the perfect moment, who should happen along, but Mr Whippy. After being a little intimidated by the hordes of delighted, screaming children swarming towards the van, Simon took a deep breathe and ventured in to the queue (knowing said children all had to convince their parents to give them money first anyway).

Delight. Devour. Disgruntled. Digesting.

Simon seems to have issues with ice-cream. :) But he got there in the end.

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