Thursday 1 May 2008

Tokar Estate Tempranillo 2004

For some bizarre reason I chose yet another Australian red wine to accompany dinner tonight. Yet again I decided I wanted to drink something a bit different so chose the Tempranillo from Tokar Estate in the Yarra Valley.

Jane & I picked this wine up when we over in the Yarra Valley over New Years a couple of years back and it (along with all the other wines we purchased) managed to survive the flight home. We decided to actually put a dozen wine through as normal luggage and risk it and it survived. Yay!

So in terms of this wine:
  • Aroma: Lovely Tobacco / Cedar smell
  • Taste: Quite fruity, big mouthful, very smooth, short-medium length, medium complexity, well balanced
  • Overall: Good but nothing super special. It is however very drinkable on its on or with Venison (as we had tonight) but is not so good with something a bit sweeter (like the kumara (sweet potato) and orange mash I decided to make that was just a bit too orangey. Oops). It is drinking well now, and to me it feels like now is in fact about the right age to drink it.

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