Sunday 18 May 2008

Lunch at Cheltenham Beach

The weather has been so delicious all weekend I can't quite believe it hasn't just been a dream! After a very late rising yesterday we eventually made up our minds to go to Pyrenees in Devonport (thanks to Charlotte for the reference!). We spent a while just drinking in the incredible atmosphere of this beautiful French deli and then wandered away with some Venison & Cranberry Terrine, Comte cheese, Port L'Eveque cheese (sorry about the lack of special characters), a delicious, still warm baguette, and to the absolute amazement of my friends who have lived in France, some genuine French saucisson! (sp?) And just as we remember it from France. We drove a few hundred meters further along the road and then walked down to Cheltenham beach and had a decidedly delectable picnic by the beach before paddling (I could not believe how good the water felt!) and wandering along the beach for a bit. Took a few photos. Understatement. I think I have photography addiction problem in fact. I take far far far too many photos. Ah well, never mind. Here's a couple taken from the picnic seat. More always on show at my flickr page.


  1. wasn't the weather amazing! we were n cheltenham yesterday - although around 4pm. we got biscotti from the pyrenees :)

  2. you sound having a great time there!