Monday 16 June 2008

This weekend

A few people have commented on our lack of blog posts of late. Blame flickr. Blame having a digital SLR and LOTS to learn about photography. Blame Auckland traffic and the lack of time to have more than 1 hobby. (Although that excludes drinking wine - theres always time for drinking wine AND another 1 hobby - after all, you can drink wine while engaging in the 1 hobby - choose the hobby carefully of course. Deep sea diving and wine drinking don't quite work. Neither would Moto-X and wine drinking.)

Anyways, we had a lovely weekend just been. It was Mum's birthday, so we headed down to Huntly on Saturday arvo, cats in tow (actually we weren't that mean, that got to sit on the back seat). And thanks to a colleague who has kindly leant me his tripod, I practised some time-exposure shots of Huntly. (click on the pic to jump to my Flickr page for more weekend shots).

Huntly at Dusk

Mum hates her photo being taken, but I think this is a good birthday photo. Sorry mum!


And because she wanted 'Black Merino Wool Socks' for her birthday (how boring!) we gave her flowers instead. And a bottle of wine. Everyone has to have a hobby. :-)

check out flickr for more of my pics

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