Friday 19 December 2008

Chandon ZD Vintage Brut 2002 Review

It was a lovely sunny and warm day today, and Jane decided to put together a marvellous Antipasto platter with lots of delights from Sabato. To accompany this we (or more accurately Jane) decided that some bubbles would be great so we chose to have a Chandon ZD Vintage Brut 2002.

Jane received this sparkling wine as a Christmas gift from her work a year or two back and we had decided to wait until we had a suitable meal to accompany it. Between totally forgetting about it and just not feeling like bubbles it has taken us a while to get around to opening it.

This is a beautifully balanced sparkling wine which is crisp, fresh and dry with a light sweetness predominantly comprised of a Honeysuckle and Green Apple flavour. There is a light Apple and Honeysuckle aroma to the nose and this is complemented with a lovely light golden hue. In terms of mouth feel, it is nice and light with fine bubbles that accompany it well. It is very easy to drink, and in terms of age is drinking perfectly and there is no sign of any deterioration. The Crown Seal would also aid this in terms of longer cellaring.

We would both definitely drink this again.

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