Sunday 1 February 2009

Brunch with Friends

Firstly - apologies for the lack of photos - although Simon suggests there may be something on my camera of use - will add later if so.

This morning we had friends up from Tauranga, with their 2 young boys. We decided we'd do a spread of bagels with a range of toppings and were really pleased with the end result!

So with the toaster happily relocated outside onto the deck and a deliciously cold bottle of OJ, we enjoyed:

Abe's parmesan, sesame, poppy seed and baby bagels with:
  • buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil leaves, freshly sliced truss tomatoes
  • mersey valley club cheddar - 'sharp & crumbly' (they weren't kidding!), italiano salami
  • cream cheese & smoked salmon
A decidedly delicious brunch. We'll definitely be doing that one again!

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