Saturday 28 March 2009

Relaxing Saturday

Its very late on Saturday evening after Earth Hour 2009. We've had an easy day today. Had to try really hard not to laugh at the cat who fell out of bed this morning then just kind of stayed where he fell for several seconds before realising he was looking undignified and high-tailing it out of the room. Then a late rising, just in time for me to leave Simon at home while I picked up a girlfriend and went out for a very leisurely lunch. Even the waiter commented as we left the courtyard 3 hours later 'you've had a lovely sojourn haven't you?'. Well indeed yes, we most certainly did!

Simon and I headed up to Browns Bay with the primary purpose of checking out Janssens butchery - they make (?) continental style (and South African) sausages. We ended up buying quite bit actually! (oh, they do other meats and deli goods as well, but the sausages were what brought them to our attention).

Before we got there though, we tried to find a cafe to have a late afternoon tea. Hmm, not a successful mission I fear, so we ended up in Starbucks. (Which I won't call a cafe, but they do make good fruppucinos I will concede (shame about the coffee)).

Startbucks Browns Bay

I renewed my artistic license and took some questionable photos. I had fun though.

Our day

Reading the newspaper
(in case you're wondering, its Simon's hands. he's turning pages in the newspaper)

Then this evening, we turned out the lights for earth hour, again I took a few more gratuitous photos and then we looked through the photos of our nieces' (yes, 2 of them, twins even) 2nd birthday party.

A very uneventful blog post for a very relaxing, chilled out and pleasant Saturday. Hope yours was a good one!

Earth Hour 2009
Obviously Simon took this photo of me watching stars during Earth Hour.:)

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