Friday 20 March 2009

Ransom Clos de Valerie Pinot Gris 2006

Ransom Wines is a lovely boutique vineyard located just south of the beautiful township of Warkworth about 45 min north of home. This evening I opened up Ransom Clos de Valerie Pinot Gris 2006.

I found this a hard wine to profile, yet I enjoyed it from the start. It had a very light crisp mineral nose, and was very European in its style. This was matched with a lovely pale straw hue.

To taste it had a lovely all-encompassing light mouth feel with a beautiful light apple/citrus crispness and mineral flavour with a touch of acidity. This was complemented with a lovely dry freshness, a very long tail, and an intrigue with each mouthful. It was nicely balanced, and without that oily feeling so many Pinot Gris have.

A very enjoyable drop.

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