Saturday 12 September 2009

Dutch Delight, Birkenhead

We went to to Dutch Delight in Birkenhead last night for the first time and whilst it was ok, it didn’t quite live up to the great place we had heard it was.

The decor is a bit tired, but they have decorated it well with a Dutch theme.

It was our waitress' first night last night and it was quite evident that she had been poorly trained and no idea what was on the menu. When she asked if we would like any drinks and I asked what they had, since we hadn’t had a chance to look at the menu at that point, her response was Ummmm.  Other than this, the food did all arrive in a timely manner and the staff were all very courteous.

We started with the mixed starter platter to share, and whilst the items did taste ok, it was disappointing to find all of the items were deep fried; this was not clear from the menu.

For our mains we had a goulash pancake and a seafood pancake.  The goulash was good, but the seafood was quite obviously predominantly frozen seafood and tasted like it.  The pancake itself was excellent.

We will keep Dutch Delight in mind for if we want to have a dessert, but for dinner we will probably give it a miss.

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