Wednesday 30 September 2009

German Potato Salad Photo Recipe

I made a huge batch of potato salad on Sunday, knowing we had friends visiting for dinner on Tuesday night. While Simon was around I took the opportunity to do another photo recipe - after the bean salad effort I concluded this was decidedly a 2 person job!

I hit one snag, just as I was about to post this it suddenly occurred to me that I'd better check it wasn't a family secret recipe! So I phoned Simon's folks tonight and checked, and sure enough, I'm safe, this one is a free for all, and very typical of a Bavarian style potato salad.

So, for your viewing, cooking and tasting pleasure (and believe me, it tastes fantastic!), Bavarian Potato Salad Pictorial recipe. Note there are no quantities - I was never given any after all!

Potato Salad Photo Recipe

If you click the photo it will take you to my flickr page which also includes the instructions.

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