Sunday 3 January 2010

Magnificent Tapas in Hobart

We had some exquisite tapas for dinner last night at “Francisco’s on Hampden” in Battery Point, Hobart.  Jane even commented that this was the best tapas she has ever had and I would have to agree, and that includes the tapas we had in Spain.

The restaurant had a nice upbeat ambience and was quite busy.  The service was very slow, however this was made up for the excellent tapas.

In terms of the tapas, we had Ceviche (which was excellent), Mediterranean Salad, Octopus (a but chewy and nothing wonderful), some magnificent Garlic / Chilli Prawns, Lamb Pintos (i.e. Souvlaki) and some lovely marinated mushrooms.  We concluded with a traditional Spanish version of Creme Brulee called Crema Catalana that was also great.

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