Sunday 18 April 2010

Donna Hay - Chocolate Stout Cake with Peanut butter frosting

I'm not generally a fan of chocolate cake. I typically find it too rich, too heavy, and too often, it's way too dry. But when I saw the slice of Chocolate Stout Cake in Donna Hay's 50th Issue Anniversary magazine, I got dragged by its moist, rich, dark, irresistible-ness! And funnily enough, along with not liking chocolate cake, I also usually don't bake - for the simple reason that if I bake it means there is baking in the house that we then eat - and we can do with out it. But this had to be tried! And I always have the option of taking baking in to work (which is where this is ultimately destined for as it happens).

Lo and behold: the Donna Hay, Chocolate Stout Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting.

The edges are a little crispy, as you can probably see in the sliced photo, I suspect this is due to me not having a loaf tin - so I used a glass meatloaf dish instead! It worked. :-)

This is a decidedly delicious cake - it's not too sweet and it is divinely moist. I have to say, the frosting is just a bit too much for my liking - both in quantity (if I made it again I'd halve the frosting recipe) and also in sweetness, but if you have a sweet tooth, and love decadently rich frostings, this is definitely one for you. We'll see what my colleagues make of it tomorrow.

For me, once was enough.

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