Friday 2 April 2010

Nuvolari Restaurant, Rotorua

Novolari is a well-priced restaurant located in the heart of Rotorua that we went to for the first time this evening.  Being Easter I think they were however a bit overwhelmed with the number of people around.

We started with a couple of Tapas; pizza bread that was overpowered by garlic and a collection of olives that were ok but not great.

I then had an (intentionally) very basic Pasta for an entree that was slightly overcooked but ok, and Jane had Arancini (Risotto Balls) that were were also ok.

For our mains, I had a Pepperoni Pizza that was nice, although the base was a little soft; I would however have it again.  Jane had a Fettuccini Farina that was ok.

Jane and I shared a trio of Ice creams for dessert that were good.

The service was quite slow and not polished, however our waitress was polite and corrected a couple of mishaps throughout the evening, such as us almost having our mains arrive whilst we were eating our entrees.

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