Monday 17 May 2010

Whangaripo Buffalo Cheese Company’s Marin Blue is Nom nom nom

In the weekend we popped up to the Matakana Farmers Market and Whangaripo Buffalo Cheese Company had a stall there.

We tasted their selection of cheeses and ended up purchasing the Marin Blue and the Fresca.  They also had a beautiful brie with the aged one beginning to get engulfed by ammonia.

The Fresca is a bit like a soft cottage cheese with a hint of lemon, however the blue was my highlight and I had a decent taste of it again this evening.  It is nice and creamy, not too strong on the blue and has lots of complexity.  It reminds me of a sheep cheese we purchased in the south of France at Carcassonne that was not blue at all, but the layered flavours of this bring back vivid memories.

Next time we’re at the market I will be buying more.

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