Sunday 20 June 2010

Hong Kong & Chinese Cuisine Restaurant - Birkenhead

It's been an age since we've eaten out at a Chinese restaurant for an evening meal.  Last night we popped along to our local chinese restaurant - Hong Kong & Chinese Cuisine Restaurant. This place is always phenomenally busy, to the extent that we've been turned away before due to our lack of having booked. This time there was one table for two free as we arrived. Phew!

As we arrived, the front table were presented with their Duck for inspection before the chef returned to the kitchen to prepare it as Peking Duck for them. That is of course one thing that does require a forward booking, we'll try and remember that for next time!

We chose 3 dishes - Long Beans, Mongolian Style Beef and Sweet & Sour Chicken.  All were really good - Simon hasn't ordered S&S Chicken since he lived at home I don't think, due to memories of it being overly sweet.  This one was certainly not that. The vinegar was quite strong, but not unpleasantly so.  The beans were great (although was that the taste of MSG I detected??? There was definitely a salty flavour that wasn't salt going on), and the Mongolian Style Beef was lovely - it arrived on a cast-iron cow, sizzling and spitting everywhere.  It had a nice level of spice and a scattering of carrots & onion with it.

 Simon, Green Tea, Long Beans 
and a now very messy table cloth (sizzling, spitting beef to blame).

We paid $49 for dinner.  And we didn't have to do any dishes. I love not having to do dishes. :-)  We will return, next time we'll book Peking Duck I think.

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