Friday 13 August 2010

Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant, Parnell

Last night we had a lovely meal out at the Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant in Parnell with a group of about 10 people.  The restaurant is 6 weeks old and we were glad to see a menu that contained a number of different dishes.

We started with a selection of entrees, of which I particularly enjoyed the Thai Curry Puffs.  There were also some quite bizarre green balls that we had that were quite chewy but I think I enjoyed.

For my main I had the “Steamed Spicy Seafood” and this had a nice level of heat that was well balanced with the seafood.  Jane had the “Spicy Scallops” which she enjoyed, and would order again. Some others at the table had the “Blue Elephant Friends” dish and this looked particularly spectacular.

The mains did arrive in a staggered fashion, but this may have been due to the size of our group.  All dishes were beautifully presented.

The restaurant had a lovely vibe, is not large and is far enough away from the road to be very relaxing.

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