Monday 9 August 2010

Main Divide Chardonnay 2005, Waipara Valley

I really must get to the vineyards in Waipara Valley one day; it is possibly the only region in New Zealand I have not been around the vineyards.

With light kerosene and butter to the nose, I was initially unsure if it was a bit too big by the nose alone, but upon tasting was pleasantly surprised by its soft nicely balanced characteristics. This light gold coloured wine from Main Divide is big, bold and soft with nice toasty butter notes.

Drinking well now.


  1. I love Chardonnay,and have enjoyed this one, but Pegasus Bay (who make Main Divide also) have an amazing Riesling, utterly luscious and delish (ok, if you like Riesling?!)totally worth trying...

  2. Pagasus Bay just have lots of excellent wines all round. I have had the Pegasus Bay Riesling before too and agree it is lovely. I haven't had it for a while mind you, so must get a bottle some time.