Sunday 17 July 2011

Nishiki Japanese Restaurant, Freemans Bay

Located in Wellington Street, I have driven past Nishiki hundreds of times but had never been there. We dropped in without a reservation on a Saturday night and were very lucky to get a table. The restaurant was very busy and we got a sheltered table outside under a nice and warm heater as it poured down with rain.

Once seated the first thing we noticed was that the menu contained “A Suggestion on How to Order” which I thought was a great way to make it easier for people to order who are not familiar with Japanese food.

We ordered a selection of dishes and I had a warm sake. The food started arriving quickly and before long we had all our food. At this point we decided that we would probably need one more dish so placed the order and this also arrived in a timely manner.

The Sashimi Mori was very flavoursome and well cut. The Gyu Tataki Don, which was beef tataki, was beautifully tender. The soft shell crab was good and even though it was deep-fried the batter was nice and light. The Seaweed salad and Salmon and avocado salads were also both lovely and fresh.


The quality of the food was excellent all round and we will happily return. This is now probably my pick of Japanese restaurants in Auckland for a good, casual Japanese meal.

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