Sunday 3 July 2011

Revisiting travels - Advocaatje

The day after we cycled to Damme and back from Brugge, we went for a wander to find a couple of places, but in our usual way, we ended up somewhere other than where we were aiming for and found ourselves back at the ring road and the line of 4 old windmills up against the canal.  It was high time to eat lunch, so we found a little bakery and selected some bits and pieces and went and sat on the hill beside one of the windmills.  The following is something I've never come across before, and unless I can convince Simon's baker cousin to start making them, I doubt I'll see them ever again.

Called Advocaatje, this was a truely delectable piece of baking goodness (and I don't mean that in the healthy sense of the word!).  Wrapped in an almond icing, and topped with a shallow pool of some sort of advocaat based liquid, surrounded by whipped cream.  The whole thing was fairly well refrigerated, which was very nice, making the sponge (details to come) not too spongy and the cream not too soft or messy.

Turn it around and you can see, along with my teeth marks, the full strata of this little beauty....

So the base is a meringue, topped with (I think) whipped cream, then a layer of sponge cake and finally that generous dose of advocaat flavoured liquid - I can't honestly call it an icing, it was too runny for that, and had to be eaten carefully to prevent it running out and down the sides!  The combination of flavours - the sweet of the meringue, the fattiness of the cream, the alcoholic sharpness of the topping were all beautifully balanced, especially once wrapped in the almond icing.  Amazing.  Not even vaguely healthful, but what an experience!

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