Sunday 24 June 2012

Fuego, Hamilton

We had dinner out with friends in Hamilton at Fuego in Rototuna on Saturday. This is a casual restaurant that also catered well to the 3.8 year old that was part of our group. I'm not used to getting colouring in stuff when I go out to dinner.

We started with the garlic bread and a selection of dips. The dips were a hummus, a butter and an olive oil with balsamic vinegar. These were okay although the olive oil was a little bitter.

I had the lamb rump for my main. This was char-grilled and beautifully rare. It was accompanied on top of a nice mash with Ratatouille and a nice red wine jus. It was a nice dish.

Jane had the pork belly that she really enjoyed. It was a good hearty meal.

One of the other members of our group had the fish of the day which was a Salmon dish that she enjoyed.

The chicken nuggets with chips were apparently "really yummy".

For dessert I shared a flavoursome crumble with Jane

and the others shared a chocolate brownie that looked nice (and a decent portion too).

The wait staff were friendly and efficient and the meals all arrived in a timely manner.

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