Saturday 26 May 2012

Spicy Joint, Dominion Road

After attempting to go to Clip ‘n Climb without a booking we decided to go and eat instead. With a name of “Spicy Joint” and an A-rating (yes we checked) it sounded like it would be a good adventure.

We were the only non-asians in the restaurant, and the waitress needed to get the people on the table next to us to translate what we wanted; that is a sign of an authentic restaurant. The style of food here apparently comes from central China, according to the table next to us.

I went with a ridiculous chilli and chicken dish that was reminiscent of a dish I ordered years ago at another restaurant. The chicken was deep fried, which I assume is authentic, and the chilli’s altered between mild and crazy. At one point I had to wait before I could eat again.2012-05-26 15.14.34_003

We also had some dumplings that were lovely and covered with chilli oil and garlic.

2012-05-26 15.09.50_002There were other good dishes too.2012-05-26 15.23.36_0062012-05-26 15.23.25_005

I was also amused by the bill, and the only English on it being “GST”.2012-05-26 17.26.23_001a

A great afternoon adventure that came to $58 for 4 people.

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