Saturday 11 August 2007

Our Hit List

We keep hearing great things about some restaurants we haven't been to, but when we come to think of somewhere to go out to dinner, we can never remember them! So here is our hit list:

  • Canton Cafe (Kingsland)
  • Soul Bar (struck off after Simon visited recently with work)
  • O'Connell Street Bistro
  • Rocco
  • Number 5
  • Dine
  • Chamber Wine Bar
  • the Grove
  • Rice

We've been out a bit lately, but haven't made the time to write things up.

A few summaries:

  • the Engine Room (again!) - fabulous as always
  • Der Metz - HUGE portions, but otherwise nothing special (and quite slow)
  • Mozaik Cafe (Albany) - brunch - some different, mediterannean style items, really nice, we'd go back
  • Latin Larder - fantastic coffee, great brunch
  • Grand Harbor - always reliably great yum char
  • Chevalier Point Cafe - quite stark, a bit slow, coffee not so good, food ok. will go back for an afternoon soda simply because of the lovely location (but note I didn't say food or coffee)
  • The Williamson Cafe - excellent new find for weekend brunch
  • Nada - STILL (and always!) the best bakery in the country. Shortbread to die for, mudcake like you wouldn't believe and the best breads around. And the personal deliveries from Johnsonville are always a treat! (cheers Michael!)

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