Thursday 30 August 2007

Visiting and flowers

Simon had a big weekend at work a couple of weeks ago (did I mention I was behind in my posts?) so I took the opportunity to go and visit Charlotte & Kevin and Astrid.

Charlotte sent me home with some of her beautiful freesias and hellebores and they did a wonderful job of cheering up my dining room, and the cats have even been good enough to leave them alone! The vase also happens to be the one that C&K gave us as a wedding gift, and looks fabulous with any manner of spring flowers. (Flower arranging is by no means my strong point, but I was quite pleased with this!)


  1. did we give you that vase? man. my memory. I can remember my childhood. Oh well. That's good !

    Nice vase though. We have one exactly the same :)

    And the bromeliad is very happy cheering up our laundry - we can see him from the kitchen too.

  2. Hi Jane and Simon and welcome to NZ the food blog scene.