Saturday 5 January 2008

Christmas in Bavaria

We enjoyed a lovely christmas dinner on Chistmas Eve with some family friends we had never met previously just north of Munich out in the country. It was absolutely magnificent and they made us very welcome.

For dinner we had a sit down 3 course meal with the family and their partners that was very formal compared to how it normally is in New Zealand. We had some magnificent french wines and Proscecco for a sparkling. In addition we had some great homemade eggnog, apple juice and punsch. Later in the evening (actually very early the next morning), some glorious sounds floated from the grand piano which had pride of place in the lounge instead of a tv.

It was quite nice to look out the window and see the trees covered in white (it hadn't snowed recently, it was just very cold), wild deer in the fields, and a serenity all round.

The following day we were taken around Landshut, a beautiful medieval village, and it was great to be shown it by locals who could tell you so much about what you were seeing. Also, whenever they came across anybody they knew in the street, the greeting was always very formal with the friendly hug as also seen in other parts of Europe and we were introduced. Yet another great experience!


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  1. That looks lovely. Seems you have a great trip! I'm so glad to find another Kiwi blogger. I'll add your link on my sidebar later (well, dial-up is always sooooooo slow. sigh.) Cheers, ab.