Friday 18 January 2008

Guess what I ordered... (otherwise known as 'What the...?')

If you can guess what I ordered that saw the above being delivered to me (and Simon, yes, there were 2 of these) in the South of France, I'll buy you a kiwi-version of one if you live near me! First correct entry only! (and not for my workmates who I've already had this conversation with!) And by the way, I also have the receipt to prove that what I ordered is indeed what I got, and not something else due to my appalling French skills!


  1. Hey ex-expat - thanks for trying! I even showed this to french friends and they had absolutely no idea.

    It was in fact a cappuccino. And as noted, yes, I do in fact have the receipt to prove it. Very very disturbing! We went back to ordering espresso only after this! We were too scared about what we'd get otherwise!