Monday 22 December 2008

Antipasta Dinner (DELICIOUS!)

As Simon mentioned in his last post, I did indeed put together a decidedly decadent antipasta platter for dinner on Friday. We'd both had slightly sub-optimal days at work and I concluded we needed a little indulgence to put us in the right frame of mind to enjoy our weekend.

So I wandered down to Sabato (who fortunately are open for an additional half hour at present) and foraged through their delicatessen, gathering tasty looking morsels aplenty. (Ok, so this was a hell of lot easier than the foraging of yesteryear, no brambles to be seen, but it FELT like I was foraging.)

Wandered home, pruned our prolific bougainvillea bushes (not that you'd notice) to add a splash of colour to the table, chilled the 2002 Chandon ZD (as per Simon's tasting notes) and assembled the below platter of divine deliciousness. Splendid!

Delicious Dinner

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