Friday 26 December 2008

Pegasus Bay Merlot Cabernet 2004 Review

I am currently sitting in beautiful Whitianga enjoying a Pegasus Bay Merlot Cabernet 2004. Pegasus Bay is home to some lovely wines and this wine is no exception.

I think we got this wine as a present from one of Jane's friends who appreciates a good wine.

This wine is a beautiful dark ruby red colour. To the nose, I don't think it's anything wonderful; if anything the alcohol overtones may be a little too strong. To start with, I thought it was a little dry and a bit tannic but then it opened up with a bit of airing (and maybe the consumption of a glass helped too) and I would now class it in the medium-dry territory with light tannins. It is packed with fruit-filled flavour, with plum and berry flavours shining through. It has a long tail and is a whole-of-mouth experience that has sufficient complexity to beg you to have another drop. This is accompanied by a nice thin-medium thickness in terms of mouth feel.

This is drinking well now and I expect would cellar well for a few more years at least. This is great to drink on its own, but its light tannins would also lend itself well to accompanying a light-medium fatty meal such as a Scotch Fillet or Rib Eye Steak.

Yet another wine we would drink again.

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