Saturday 1 August 2009

Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant

We have been to Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant (Viaduct area, Auckland) for Yum Char many times over the years and often take out of town guests.  This is my favourite Yum Char in Auckland and today’s experience was comparable to what we have previously had, although it was a little quieter today (i.e. there was no queue out the door). 

For Yum Char on the weekend you can expect that it will be really busy, noisy and the service abrupt (but usually fast).  As for bookings, don't expect they mean a lot, and if you require a fork instead of chopsticks you’re probably best to bring your own.

The food is excellent and there is a great variety continually moving around.  If you have never done Yum Char before I would suggest going along with somebody that has. 

Grand Harbour is well worth going to for the experience.

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