Saturday 1 August 2009

Kura Japanese Sake Bar

We decided at the last minute to go out for Japanese last night and were lucky to find a table at Kura Japanese Sake Bar in Queen St. 

From the street you wouldn't even know this place existed, but once down the stairs there was a great buzz of activity. 

Seeing that there were some Japanese beers on tap I ordered one and it went down very nicely.  Jane settled for a tea instead and enjoyed it. 

For our meal we decided to try some "different" dishes.  The raw octopus marinated in octopus juices tasted like essence of anchovy with a sprinkling of salt for good measure.  This was a great learning experience and we won't be ordering it again, however I don't doubt that it is very authentic.  We also had some excellent Sushimi, great fresh spring rolls (not deep fried), Terayaki Chicken and a Smoked Eel Donburi.  The meal was great although if we were ordering the Terayaki Chicken again we would probably get it as a Donburi or with rice.

A nice evening out and despite how busy it was the food arrived very quickly.

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