Friday 29 October 2010

Cafe Sydney - amazing buzz, views & food

One of the restaurants we were determined to go to while in Sydney, based on a couple of recommendations from friends and from what we saw on their website, was Cafe Sydney, at the top of Customs House overlooking circular quay.  I booked this one from home, knowing that you can't usually get a table without a reservation.

The first thing that strikes you as you exit the lift and enter the almost alternate reality of Cafe Sydney is the incredible vibe and sophisticated party atmosphere of the place.  The bar area is enormous - bigger than the restaurant at a guess, and furnished in a manner I can't help but call 'hip'.

We were lead through the throngs of suited gatherings, had the steps pointed out to us (they must have heard about me and steps!), and wound our way through the restaurant and out to the balcony (we'd requested a table outside - knowing that the views are amazing and that blankets are provided should you be cold).

We started with a shared garlic naan bread (they seemed to do naans as their starting bread offering), then waited quite a while for our entrees to arrive.  (And funnily enough, although the wait (which was close to an hour) frustrated me at the time, the whole experience was so good that I had forgotten about it until now).  I had the Morton Bay Bug salad.  This was fantastic - so full of flavour, with a touch of avocado and fresh citrus. I'm not sure that I've had bugs before, but I would certainly have them again.

Simon had Peppered Tuna & Veal Carpaccio - this was beautifully presented and very flavoursome.

For mains - Simon had the S.A. Jewfish and I had the Queensland Grilled Prawns.  Both were lovely, my prawns were the biggest I've ever seen.

Simon had the special dessert - a mango & coconut trifle with mango sorbet and sesame crisp - absolutely delicious!

I had the Dark Chocolate Pave, which was exactly what I was hoping it would be (sorry about the over exposed ice cream scoop in the picture).

We had a fabulous evening, thoroughly enjoyed the friendly and polished service, the vibe of the venue, the amazing views and the wonderful food.  Yes we would dine here again, and yes we are recommending it to anyone visiting Sydney and wanting a classy meal in a fabulous location.

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